Andrew Tyler Odom

Andrew Tyler Odom- a gift from God May 3, 1991-a gift to God March 1, 2003

Eight years ago today, this world lost one of the most loved little boys God ever created.  Heaven gained a precious angel.  I call him T-Man.  He is my cousin, more like a brother, whom I love so much.  I still remember his tragic death like it was yesterday…

For those of you who knew Tyler, you would agree he was the “STAR” of the show. Everytime I look into this beautiful sky and see that bright, bright star I think of him.   He was always playing a joke, acting silly and making you laugh so hard you cried.  For those of you who never got the privilege of meeting him, well…you missed an amazing blessing. Everyone that met Tyler fell in love with him.  Tyler loved everyone, all God’s creations. 

We all miss you so much T-Man, but I know you are so happy with our Lord and all our family. Every time I go to visit Nanny, we talk about you and Paw Paw. We miss and love y’all so much.  We can’t wait to see you and hear all the wonderful things about Jesus and Heaven.   There is so much that I never got to tell you, so many hugs that I’ve missed, so many things that I would love for you to be apart of.  But I know who holds tomorrow and I know I will see you soon.  I LOVE YOU ALWAYS!

There was apart of my heart that left with Tyler, and PRAISE BE TO GOD it will be new and whole one day. ” What a day that will be, when my Jesus I shall see, when I look upon His face, the One who saved me by His grace, when He takes me by the hand, and leads me through the Promised Land, what a day, glorious day that will be.” Oh how sweet is that!

I love my life here on this earth, I am married to the most amazing man, I have a loving, faithful family…but I know meeting my Savior is the greatest accomplishment of all.  I look forward to seeing Jesus, my family and what He has prepared for us.   Praise and all glory to God for a family that loves Jesus, for being shown how to accept and follow Christ, to serve a living Savior.  Oh YES!

Until we meet again…

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