Meet our newest addition…Shooter.  Shooter was born here on the farm in May of 2008; he was a total shock.  Shooter’s mother was a new horse around here, her previous owner had tried numerous times to have her bred.  The vet said she didn’t take, she never showed any signs of being pregnant either.  One rainy morning in May we were surprised with this little colt. 

Shooter’s dam is a bay and his sire is a grey.  His looks have changed numerous times, we can’t wait to see what his final color will be.  He is relatively small compared to all our other horses. We are thinking he will make an excellent kids horse. 

Shooter is always happy to see people, he loves attention.  He strives to bond with the other horses as well.  Shooter enjoys being groomed and loved.  We have been working with him for a while…he is becoming more fond of water, he will load and stand for Billy to trim him.  He leads very well, doesn’t mind blankets or pads.  We are striving to increase his size and muscle.  We hope soon to introduce him to the bit and saddle. 

We have big plans for this colt and with strength and guidance from God we will continue to grow. 

Thanks for visiting Diamond P Farms.

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