Jim’s Bundle O Joy (Joy)




Joy was foaled April 10, 2001.  The breeder, a friend of ours, raised this lovely mare with much love and affection.  We have been around this mare for years and always favored her.  In 2008 when he mentioned selling her, we jumped on the oportunnity.  We feel we have gained such a great treasure. 

 Joy is always waiting on a job, looking for what’s next.  She is a pleaser. She is well trained and can do whatever you ask of her with time and patience.  Even though she is larger than most horses, Joy is fast.  She yields her hind very well and can stop on a dime.  She is an all-around horse with a big heart. 

  Joy is large and in charge here at Diamond P Farms.  All the other horses knows when she comes and goes.  Joy loves to love and be loved.

Sire- Osage Roxies Jim>Osage Barred Smoke, Osage Roxie>Barred King, Texas Osage Blacky, Osage Barred Smoke, B Stormy Babe

Dam- Fred’s Classy Lass>Doc Freckle, Docs Silver Classic>I’m A Freckles Too, Doc’s Cola Bar, Doc’s Silver Bar, Lil’s Trix

Thanks for visiting our Joy…a.k.a. “Big Mama”

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