Pearl was from the same breeder that Diamond came from.  She was actually given to us because she had so much energy, and needed to be put to work.  She absolutely loved taunting the horses. She would wait for them to come out of the barn in the mornings so she could show them who’s “BOSS”.  I believe even though Pearl was younger, Diamond learned a lot from her. 

She had a heart that never stopped.  She was always ahead of the pack. She loved just leading the horses through the woods for a daily stroll, but she made it a point to circle around and check on the stragglers. 

One of my fondest memories of Pearl was her love for water.  She would go down to the pond and just swim.  Fetching a stick was a plus, but she would stay in the water for hours.  The only time this was a problem was when you were washing your vehicle or something you wanted clean.  If the water was on, look out, Pearl was air born.  She would run and jump at the water hose.  I never got used to that and every time I turn on the water I look for her. 

She will always be a great memory, I see a lot of her in Diamond.  We all miss you Sweet One!

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