January Birthdays…

January 4th-Happy 1st Birtday Sadie!  She has been such a sweet gift.

January 14th- Happy Birthday Alli! This little girl has such a sweet heart.  We hope you had an amazing birthday! We miss you!

January 15th- Happy Birthday Dad! Enjoyed spending time with you and eating Donna’s famous cooking. =) Lacey, that cake was too good! Here’s to many, many more birthdays!

January 24th- Happy Birthday to Jessica! Gosh, the BIG 3-0!!!  Thanks to a sweet husband, I rarely thought about turning 30.  I really enjoyed our stay on the Gulf Coast sweetheart.  Lots of fun, food and good times.  Sunday we enjoyed a beautiful day on the backs of our horses. Monday my family took me out to lunch and to celebrate.  Good times, good people, good food and good gifts! What more could you ask for? I am blessed beyond measure! Thank you Lord for giving me this wonderful life.   Praises to you!!!

January 31st- Happy Birthday to Drew! Hope you enjoyed your day.  Look out world, this man just turned 21!

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